12 questions.

I am a Marvel fan. I saw the Infinity War trailer and I  have questions. Now, so will you.

  1. The post credit scene in Thor:Ragnarok showed a huge spaceship. Assuming that it’s Thanos’, how does he then meet the Guardians of the Galaxy?
  2. Hulk was on board with Thor and Loki. But he can be seen in New York city, found by Doctor Strange amidst a rubble and in Wakanda with the Avengers in the trailer. So….was he sent crashing down to earth by Thanos?
  3. It’s a no brainer that Thanos would come for Doctor Strange in search of the time stone. But how does that explain Tony stark meeting him?
  4. We didn’t see Loki taking the Tesseract in Thor:Ragnarok. But he does so in the infinity war trailer. We also see the space stone being acquired by Thanos. So did Loki, being Loki, actually get it for him as part of some deal?
  5. The power stone was supposed to be safe with Nova Corps in Xandar. But Thanos gets his hands on it. So…does Xandar gets destroyed like Asgard did?
  6. The Collector was housing Aether with him. But his museum gets destroyed in Guardians of the Galaxy Vol.1 which leaves the reality stone vulnerable. So what happens to that?
  7. The mind stone is a part of Vision. And we also see him being ambushed in the trailer. Does that mean he would be one of the many other characters who are touted to die?
  8. The soul stone hasn’t been featured yet. So..will it show up in Black Panther?
  9. What is up with Black widow turning blonde? 
  10. Killing Thanos is the sole life purpose Nebula has. So where is she?
  11. Guardians of the Galaxy, Spiderman, Ant Man and Avengers…all have sequels coming up in the future. So which are the characters that will be terminated? 
  12. Did anybody notice Proxima Midnight in the trailer????

    2 thoughts on “12 questions.

    1. I also am a HUGE Marvel fan! My theory is that Thor’s ship is going to be attacked and a large majority of the Asgardians are going to be in space with Loki. Thor will fight and loose sending him hurtling into space. Loki will give the tesseract to try to get Thanos to keep the Asgardians safe and Thanos will say no. He will decimate the place and leave Loki to let the world know what has happened. The Guardians will be riding in their ship and see Thor. They will get him and he will tell them about Thanos. By this time, Nebula will have left the Guardians and is looking for Thanos. The Guardians will go on a quest to get reinforcements (Nebula/ Zandar), and then will be warned by someone that earth is being attacked by Thanos. (IDK who, AOS, Loki, Inhumans, Hulk?)
      They will then come to earth and help to fight in the final battle and join the Avengers.
      That’s my theory. Let me know what you think about it.

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      1. Very much possible. The possibilities are endless though.. Although I am.not sure of Inhumans or AOS getting featured in the movie…they are in continuity with MCU…but since they are TV series… I am not sure…It would be really cool to have all the TV series’ characters though


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