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Modern Soul is all about the current age and time and all the things that are related to it. Bits and pieces of Incidents that happen around, daily routines, peculiar characteristics, habits, moments……….anything that inspires me to string alphabets into words and then into articles is what you’ll find me posting now and then.

Hope you find them relatable and enjoy a good read 🙂

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Books. Papers. Hardbound. Paperback. Sound familiar? If yes, then you probably know books and are around them. You probably even read some. But ever wondered how a bibliophile lives? Or ever wondered how helpless one is under the spell cast by books? If you are one of those peeps…..well, I guess you won’t be new […]

Mausam thande Dermi cool ka!

Summer, the season that brings along a string of different elements with it, has piqued my interest for quite long. Staying in Mumbai, it’s a season which is prevalent for most part of the year, though it is not much of a ‘season’ and is like the ever present climate. You might be thinking that […]

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