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Modern Soul is all about the current age and time and all the things that are related to it. Bits and pieces of Incidents that happen around, daily routines, peculiar characteristics, habits, moments……….anything that inspires me to string alphabets into words and then into articles is what you’ll find me posting now and then.

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Honestly, I didn’t realize until late that life was one big cause-effect arrangement. A boy is an assest and the girl is a responsibility, one to be fulfilled and be rid off in a matter of years. Education for a boy is investment, an important one, to make his future. For a girl, an additional […]


On 8th November 2016, when most families were done for the day and were enjoying delectable dishes for dinner, all hell broke loose with our Prime Minister dropping a sweet bombshell upon his beloved ‘mitron’ called Demonetisation. Seizures of frezy took over the nation when no one knew what to do ahead.  When economists and other […]

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